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The Lendzette - Loan Advice

Helpful news and knowledge for small business owners.

Loan Advice January 18, 2021

The Complete Guide to Restaurant Financing and Loans

How do you keep your business afloat? Specifically, a restaurant? Here, we give you a breakdown of what it takes to build a restaurant and how to sustain it over time. 25% of restaurants fail within their first year of opening, so learning the foundation of the industry is what will keep help you stay in the game long-term.

Loan Advice December 29, 2020

Commercial Business Loans Tailored to Your Needs

Starting a new business can be challenging in many ways, especially financially. Find the best business loans that fit your financial needs.

Loan Advice Best Practices June 3, 2020

BlueVine Review 2020: Small Business Loans

We dig into BlueVine's invoice factoring and freight factoring service to see if it's a good solution for business funding.

Loan Advice June 8, 2017

Commercial Vehicle Loans for Small Businesses

Whether you’re buying or leasing automobiles for your company, there are important steps you should take.

Loan Advice May 2, 2017

High-Risk Business Loans – What to Expect and Watch Out For

When you need working capital, but can't qualify for bank funding, here are some things you should know about alternative cash for your company.

Loan Advice August 23, 2016

Can You Prequalify for a Small Business Loan?

Find out ways to increase your chances of being pre-approved for online business financing.

Loan Advice August 5, 2016

Finding Small Business Loans for Women

We look at some of the loan options geared toward women who are looking for small business funding.

Loan Advice July 22, 2016

Small Business Loans in North Carolina

What you need to know when looking for small business loans in North Carolina. We look at our favorite lenders in cities like Charlotte, Raliegh, and Asheville.

Loan Advice June 7, 2016

Getting a Small Business Loan

We guide you through the basics of choosing a financial product, requesting a loan, and working with a loan provider.

Loan Advice February 19, 2016

Small Business Funding FAQ

We take an in-depth look at some of the most frequently asked questions about small business loans.