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The Lendzette - Lendzette Features

Helpful news and knowledge for small business owners.

Lendzette Features June 27, 2019

Banks Hate Young Entrepreneurs

Lenders make it very hard to jump into owning your own business. Yet, anyone can get a student loan. Here’s why.

Lendzette Features February 26, 2019

Announcing the “Better Than a Loan” 2018 Scholarship Winner

Kyler Tipton won with a well-crafted essay on the importance of efficiency in the workplace.

Lendzette Features February 26, 2018

Announcing the “Better Than A Loan” 2017 Scholarship Winner

John Ramey hit it out of the park with his essay on how a small business can compete against a major chain.

Lendzette Features September 1, 2017

Why Amazon Never Has a Profitable Quarter

It’s hard to understand why Amazon’s stock price grows while the company posts such tiny profits. We’ll try to explain.

Lendzette Features September 27, 2016

Our Interview with Matthew Lesko on How to Get “Free Money” for Your Small Business

The Question Mark Guy offers insights for entrepreneurs looking for government grants, local funding, and other cash sources that you don’t need to pay back.