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The Lendzette - Financial Preparation

Helpful news and knowledge for small business owners.

Financial Preparation November 30, 2020

Emergency Small Business Loans: How to Speed Up the Approval Process

Whether you’re applying for an SBA loan, merchant cash advance, or another business financing product, find out what you can do to try to get the loan faster.

Best Practices Financial Preparation November 17, 2020

How to Find the Best Savings Account

Finding a savings account that fits with your company takes careful consideration. See the steps you should take to find a solution for your company.

Financial Preparation February 16, 2018

Tips for Filing Your Annual Small Business Tax Return

Be ready for Tax Day 2018 with deduction recommendations, loan guidance, and advice on how to avoid an audit.

Financial Preparation August 23, 2017

What to Know Before Asking Someone to Cosign on Your Small Business Loan

Learn about the risks a cosigner takes when helping you find funding.

Financial Preparation December 20, 2016

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Calculator for Small Businesses

Estimate the likelihood that you’ll be approved for a loan by using our business capital eligibility estimator.

Financial Preparation October 20, 2016

Unconventional Business Loans

We help you leave no stone unturned as you search for working capital to fund your small business.

Financial Preparation October 7, 2016

Should You Add a Co-Signer on a Business Loan?

We look into the pros and cons of getting a co-signer for small business funding.