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Lendza’s “Better Than A Loan” 2018 Scholarship

We are no longer accepting entries for our 2018 “Better Than A Loan” scholarship. We will launch a new 2019 scholarship after we announce last year’s winner. Please check back soon.

Nobody said college was cheap, but a scholarship can certainly make it more affordable. If you want a little help with your college expenses, be sure to take advantage of Lendza’s scholarship opportunity. Lendza will award a $500 scholarship to the student who writes our favorite essay on the topic outlined below. There's no purchase necessary. Follow this link to read the Lendza Scholarship Official Rules.

“Better Than A Loan” 2018 Scholarship Topic: If you were starting a business, what would be the company’s most important core value? Why?.

We ask that you pitch it to us two ways. First, log in to your Twitter account (if you have one) and Tweet @LendzaLoans with a condensed version of your idea along with the #BetterThanALoan hashtag. Then, submit a 500-word version using the uploader below. Whether you can Tweet your idea or not, you must include a 140-character version of your idea at the top of your essay.

Meet Our Previous Winners

Paulina Hervas impressed us with a business plan for an app that helps you book a place for a nap.

John Ramey showed us what a mom-and-pop shop could do to compete with big business.

Before you start working on this essay, you should take a minute and make sure you meet our application requirements. Here’s a brief rundown:

Be at least 18 years old.
Be a U.S. resident.
Be enrolled in an institution of higher learning.

For our full eligibility requirements, please read our Lendza Scholarship Official Rules.

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