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How Business Owners Beat Stress

by Mike Abelson   May 15, 2017
It’s not unusual to feel stress at work, but how you manage it could impact your potential for success.


Being the boss means eating stress sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It means no one is looking out for your wellbeing except for you. Unchecked, this will lead to a weakened immune system, social withdraw, depression, insomnia, and other unpleasant health effects.

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But you’re dealing with it right now.

Let’s look at how to remain constant despite consternation.

  • Press pause and recharge – Disconnect yourself from the office and relax. This should be both a daily thing, as well as during longer vacations throughout the year. Even just planning for these breaks can help reduce your stress levels.
  • Lean on someone – You need to be the boss of the office, but that doesn’t have to be the case at home or with your friends. Lean on the support network you already have.
  • Spot your stressors and respond correctly – Figure out what your stress triggers are, and then plan healthy ways to respond to them. Incorrect remedies include overeating and drinking too much.
  • Stay well rested – If you’re not getting eight hours, then you’re probably not enjoying the benefits of a full night of sleep.
  • Exercise – Aerobics that speed up your heart for at least 30 minutes a day give you more energy, more focus, and a better mood. Meditation exercises can help, too. And not just your mind – yoga has been shown to increase flexibility, strength, and oxygen consumption.
  • Prioritize tasks based on your goals – If you can’t accomplish everything on your to-do list, then pick the projects that are the most important to your current goals. Or, take care of the task that’s stressing you out the most.
  • Limit interruptions – As the owner of your company, you control when you can be interrupted. Let your employees know when you need time to focus.
  • Maintain a healthy diet – Find a nourishing, balanced diet. Stay away from the food you know is bad for you. And remember that not getting enough nutrients can be harmful, too.
  • Laugh more – If you lighten the mood at work, then it will be easier to take the little things less seriously.
  • Be your biggest fan – Negative self-talk is a terrible way to try to motivate yourself. You’ll be better off focusing on your successes and trying to keep a positive attitude.
  • Choose happy employees, then keep them happy – It’s a lot easier to maintain a positive mood in the office when your employees are optimistic. Look for this mindset during the hiring process.
  • Don’t be a pushover – Learn how to tell people no. If you’re always willing to grant favors anytime anyone asks, you’ll be left doing all the work yourself.
  • Communicate – If someone has the answer you’re looking for, pick up the phone and call them. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out yourself.
  • Don’t always delegate – Keep a couple of the things you love about the job for yourself. Always try to remind yourself what you love about your work life.
  • Listen to the right kind of music – Some people find it easier to unwind when they are listening to a gentle classical piece. You can use upbeat music to help motivate you while exercising. Add different kinds of music to your daily routine to see if it helps.
  • Get a fish – Studies show that staring at fish can lower your blood pressure and improve your mood.
  • Don’t confine yourself to your office – For a revitalizing change of pace, do some of your work in a different part of your building – or go outside.
  • Let your mind wander – Google’s Laszlo Bock once wrote, “The most talented and creative people can’t be forced to work.” Sometimes you need to let your mind go where it wants to go. It just might find an answer you’ve been searching for.
  • Practice altruism – Your brain will thank you for surprising someone with a favor.
  • Win at something – You know what games you’re good at, so go out there and beat someone at something. It feels great to win.

These are some of the ways you can beat stress. But finding the right solution for you might require the help of a professional. If you are suffering from anxiety and can’t seem to find relief no matter what you do, consider consulting with a therapist.

Final Thoughts

You’ve worked hard to build up your business. Now if you take your foot off the gas – even for just a second – you could lose it all. It’s thoughts like these that make it so hard to escape stress.

We hope you’re able to use some of our suggestions to reduce your stress levels and get more enjoyment out of life. Because what’s the point of working so hard if you aren’t having any fun? 

Mike Abelson   Lendza Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing
Mike enjoys helping entrepreneurs and startups succeed through smart and innovative marketing strategies. He’s partnered with CEOs and executives to grow businesses from the ground up. Mike believes that the customer is a company’s most valuable asset. When he’s not traveling for work, he enjoys reading adventure and science fiction novels.