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Mike Abelson, author at
Editorial Director

Mike Abelson

Mike Abelson, an accomplished Editorial Director at Lendza, has dedicated his career to helping entrepreneurs and startups improve their financial strategies.

Before joining Lendza, Mike worked in the financial industry for over 10 years, further enriching his expertise in the finance sector. He previously helped small-to-large businesses grow and develop their companies from inception.

In his current role as Editorial Director, Mike leads a talented team of writers and analysts who are experts in finance and investing. Together, they provide accurate, unique, and comprehensive content that empowers readers to enhance their financial and investing knowledge. Drawing upon his own experience and education, Mike crafts engaging articles that demystify complex financial concepts, enabling readers to make well-informed decisions for their own financial futures.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Mike enjoys reading adventure and science fiction novels when he’s not traveling. His dedication to providing insightful content, passion for helping others, and exceptional leadership skills make Mike Abelson an esteemed expert in the realm of finance and investing and a trusted source of guidance for those seeking to improve their financial understanding and success.